People and dog friendly dog training for the Buffalo, NY area.

Welcome to the home of All Positive Dog Training. We provide professional dog training in Buffalo NY and the surrounding areas. With over 10 years of experience, professional certifications, and ongoing education in animal learning theory, Ines Gaschot (CPDT-KA) is one of the most qualified professional dog trainers in the Western New York area. We specialize in puppy socialization and training, obedience dog training and behavior modification.

Puppies. Basic Manners. Obedience.
Separation Anxiety. Aggression. Leash Reactivity.

professional dog training in buffalo ny

“Most pet owners want to have happy, kind relationships with their well-behaved animals. There’s no better place to help with this than All Positive Dog Training LLC. Ines has a gift for teaching in a clear, positive, and people-friendly way that improves animal behavior while strengthening the relationship you share.” – Risë VanFleet, PhD, CDBC Author, The Human Half of Dog Training

What Is “Positive Dog Training?”

All Positive Dog Training is about being a proactive trainer. These are 5 things that describe this approach to dog training:

  1. I say “yes” way more often than “no.”
  2. I change the environment to allow the dog to make good choices.
  3. I reward generously for good choices.
  4. I teach the dog that the world is safe, fun, and doesn’t have to be stressful to prevent or eliminate aggression.
  5. I create happy, well-balanced, problem-solving dogs that can make good choices in the modern world.

Private Dog Training Lessons

We provide private one-on-one lessons for clients who need a little guidance with their dogs. This is ideal for clients who are interested in doing the work themselves. We come to your home for one hour to discuss training solutions that could work for your living situation. Often, there is more than one lesson required to make sure training is progressing as expected and to provide continued support throughout the training process.

Board and Train Dog Training Programs

certified dog training in buffalo nyWhether you want to make sure your puppy starts off on the right foot, need your dog to learn obedience skills fast, or you’re battling with barking and lunging on leash, our board and train programs are wonderful for clients who feel they are in over their heads or have very busy schedules. We do most of the training that can require hours of work and then hand over the reigns at the end of the program. This option gives you and your dog a major jumpstart in achieving your training goals.

Dog Training Classes

Our classes meet up once a week for one hour for several consecutive weeks. This allows you to work around other dogs and a variety of distractions to really solidify your dog’s training.

Learn more about our trainer, our servicesour dog training philosophy, or how to choose the right dog trainer for you.

Our dog training programs are created around your lifestyle so that you can receive the most customized and effective dog training services. You will not find a more personable, dedicated dog trainer who is more invested in reaching your dog training goals in the Buffalo or Western New York area.

We service the entire Western New York area including Buffalo, Tonawanda, Amherst, Cheektowaga, Lockport, Wheatfield, Kenmore, and Williamsville.

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