Ines Gaschot is currently only taking local clients through Train My Dogs in South, Austin. If you are interested in working with her, please contact Train My Dogs on their website or by phone at 512.715.4DOG.

If you are interested in experiencing her online Dog Leash Aggression Classroom, click HERE.

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quote-tip Ines did a fantastic job! After one training session I saw quite a difference with my dog Ranger! I’m so glad I decided to go with her training classes! He’s learned so much and has been more obedient. All Positive Dog Training is the way to go! You won’t be disappointed.
- Carissa & Ranger , April 2013

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Why “All Positive”?

By “all positive” we mean that we only use the most dog-friendly training techniques. This does not affect the efficiency of training by any means and, in fact, positive reinforcement based training is proven to leave longer lasting results and creates more mentally/physically stable dogs. Positive training involves setting up the dog to make the right choices and then rewarding them for their choices. It is the most humane way of training animals.

What to Expect

When you receive one-on-one private dog training lessons with All Positive Dog Training LLC, you’re in the most caring and dedicated hands. You will learn how to train your dog using science-based and dog-friendly training methods while experiencing kind and patient coaching from our dog trainer. You’ll gain dog training skills you’ll be able to apply for the rest of your life and you’ll develop an in-depth understanding of how to modify your dog’s behavior.