Puppy Training in Buffalo NY
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Puppy Training in Buffalo NY

Puppies are a handful! Luckily, they are also quite adorable. Being cute is probably what gets them through their first year of life. As a certified professional dog trainer in Buffalo NY, I help clients with their new puppies all the time. These are five tips I tell each and every one of them. Here are five tips we highly recommend you stick by with your new puppy.

1. Be Consistent

From day one, be consistent about the rules your new puppy will have to live by for the rest of his life. Will he be allowed to jump? Will he be allowed on the couch? Will your adult dog be allowed to pull on leash? Puppies will grow into adult dogs so making their boundaries clear immediately will prevent confusion and frustration in the future.

2. Get the Right Tools for Potty Training

Potty training is what puppy owners struggle with the most. It is incredibly frustrating when your puppy starting going potty all over your house all of a sudden. Or even worse – when they potty their own crate! I recommend using a combination of a crate, a puppy pen, and a potty pad to get started. Leave the crate open so that your puppy can go in and sleep, but they still have access to the potty pad when they feel like it. This will prevent your dog from peeing all over your home or in their crate if they really have to go.

3. Teach Them That Being Alone Is Fun

There are too many dogs that currently suffer from separation anxiety. Sure, getting a puppy in the summer means you have all the time in the world to care for them and baby them. However, what happens when your schedule suddenly changes as the seasons pass and your dog has to spend more time alone? Prepare him with good habits right NOW. Practice putting him in his crate when you are still at home, like when you’re cooking dinner for instance. Show him that being alone is also fun by giving him a Kong to work on in his crate.

4. Socialize Your Puppy to EVERYTHING

Not just other dogs. Not just other people. Many people under-estimate what things their puppies need to be socialized to. This checklist is thorough and brings to light some things we might not think about exposing them to.

Socialization Checklist by Dr. Sophia Yin

5. Praise Your Puppy

Praise and treat your puppy when they are doing things right. As in, when they aren’t barking, chewing, digging, or biting. Your puppy will learn and will continue to do things that get them the attention they seek. Don’t wait for your puppy to get frustrated and start barking at you to get your attention. Adequately reward their good behaviors so the bad ones don’t show up.

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5 Top Puppy Training Tips
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