puppy potty training tips

Puppy Potty Training Tips

Potty training can go real wrong, real quick. Puppies can start making messes around the house for a variety of reasons, including bladder infections, not being let out to potty frequently enough, getting full access to the whole house unsupervised, or if they smell spots left from previous dogs who had accidents.

Ensure your puppy is set up for success by following our five best tips for potty training puppies!

1) Reward your puppy for making the right choices.

2) Place a potty pad in your puppy’s pen so he can easily access an acceptable potty area without getting access to the whole house.

3) If you have to leave your puppy alone for extended periods of time, attach the play pen to your puppy’s crate so he can access a potty area if he has to go.

4) Never yell at your puppy for going in the wrong area. This will only make him want to hide from you when he has to go in the future.

5) If your puppy has more accidents than is normal for his age and size, take him to the vet for a check up! He might have a hidden infection or other medical issue you aren’t aware of.

Potty Training Tips for Puppies