Buffalo’s Positive Reinforcement-Based Board & Train Program!

We specialize in providing the best board and train experience you and your dog can have in the Amherst and Buffalo, NY area. In order to achieve your goals, we utilize positive reinforcement based training methods and never use force, pain, or intimidation to make your dog cooperate. Instead, we focus on finding ways that motivate your dog through the use of rewards such as food, play, toys, and more. Positive reinforcement training techniques are used to train all kinds of species throughout the world and they will work wonders for your dog, too!

When boarding with us, your dog will live and train alongside our personal dogs in our home.

Positive Board & Train Program – Fast, Fun, & Effective

Board and train programs provide the fastest way to get results for a variety of behaviors and training goals. Let us, the professionals, complete the grunt work for you while your dog stays in the comfort of our home.

SAVE TIME. – Save time by letting us complete most of the training for you. Training can be tedious and demanding – especially in the beginning stages. We can reach results more quickly than a dog owner that’s just starting to learn about dog training.

STRESS-FREE. – Our board & train programs are the most stress-free way to train your dog because we do most of the work for you! We also communicate frequently with pictures or videos to let you know how your dog is doing so that you stay involved through out the process. We take it one step further by picking up and dropping off your dog for the program at your convenience.

REACH YOUR GOALS. – Have confidence and peace of mind that training is being completed correctly and humanely with our certified trainer.

NO COLD KENNELS. – Your dog will never be left unattended in a cold, loud kennel at a boarding facility. Our boarders stay alongside our own dogs in our home. However, all dogs must be comfortable in their crates.

VIP TREATMENT. – We only accept ONE board and train dog in our home at a time so you can rest assured your dog will be the center of our attention during their stay. We look forward to meeting them!

In the end, we’ll deliver a dog that loves to listen to you, is a pleasure to have in your company, and fulfills you instead of frustrates you!

What Can Be Accomplished Through A Board And Train Program?

Our board and train programs saves you times and allows us to achieve training milestones in the quickest way possible. The possibilities are endless and are truly dependent on what is most important for you and your family. Your dog will receive training that will last their entire life and you will create a relationship you only thought you could dream about.

Our board and train programs can address:

dog board and train program buffalo ny

Is Your Dog Right For A Board and Train Program?

Dogs and puppies of all ages can benefit from this program. You cannot beat the intensive 24/7 training your dog can receive from living with a professional dog trainer. Since your dog will stay in our home like one of our own dogs, we are able to completely customize the program and training goals to your particular needs.

This is the perfect opportunity to jump start your dog’s training with a highly qualified professional who uses modern, non-punitive training techniques.

What Does This Board and Train Dog Training Program Include?

  • Evaluation & Training Plan Before The Program Begins
  • Pick Up & Drop Off Of Your Dog At Your Home
  • 14 or 21 Nights Of Boarding In Our Home
  • Several Daily One-On-One Sessions
  • Your Dog Gets A Walk Every Day
  • Enrichment Activities Such As Food Puzzles
  • Receive Photo & Video Updates As Your Dog Learns New Skills
  • Two Follow Up Private Lessons in Your Home
  • Email & Phone Support as Needed for 6 Months

Most Importantly: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your dog is receiving the most humane training to accomplish the goals you have set.

Programs are usually 2 weeks ($1500 + tax) or 3 weeks ($2100 + tax) and include two follow up lessons. We customize our training depending on your needs and goals.

Please fill out this form to inquire about the board and train program. We’ll give you a call to discuss your dog’s needs so we can give you an accurate price quote that is based on your situation.








Board & Train Participation Rules

  • Dog should be at least 14 weeks of age.
  • Dog MUST have completed all vaccinations, including DHPP and rabies. Puppies need at least two rounds of shots. (Titers are accepted for DHPP only.)
  • Dog must be currently on flea, tick, and heart-worm preventative.
  • Dogs must live indoors at their home. No outdoor-only dogs.
  • Female dogs in heat or about to go into heat will not be accepted.
  • Dogs must be comfortable in their own crate without whining or barking excessively.