Amherst NY Dog Obedience Training Program

Real World Obedience Dog Training

  • dog training program western new yorkDoes your dog get easily distracted?
  • Is your dog stubborn?
  • Has your dog’s lack of obedience put them or someone else in danger?

Your Ideal (Positive) Obedience Dog Training Program

You are not alone! There are many families that struggle with not knowing how to get their dog to listen. We are here to help you and your dog get on the same page. Our custom obedience dog training program is designed to jumpstart your dog’s obedience skills for you. We can teach your dog the following skills:

  • Sit & Stay
  • Down & Stay
  • Come When Called
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Go To Your Place/Bed
  • Wait At Doorways


About Our Dog Obedience Program | 4 weeks | $2000

1. We are flexible and offer a custom dog obedience program centered around your lifestyle and goals. This program begins with a phone call to discuss your specific challenges and confirm this is the right program for you.

2. Next, we set up an in-your-home initial intake consultation to get to know your family, meet your dog, and establish some goals and expectations.

3. Following our initial intake consultation, we begin working directly with your dog three times a week. During these trainer & dog sessions, you can be home or away because we will be working directly with your dog. Having a trainer work directly with your dog greatly accelerates training so we can reach your goals more quickly.

4. We conclude each week with a 1-hour private lesson with you, your family, and your dog to recap accomplishments and challenges of that week, teach you how to utilize the new behaviors your dog has learned, and establish mini-goals for the following week.

5. At the end of the four weeks, during our final private lesson, we will discuss your dog’s progress and demonstrate how to use all of his or her new skills!


I love to see smiles and adoration coming from both ends of the leash.
Ines McNeil, Dog Trainer, CPDT-KA


This 4-week intensive program ensures your dog has time to learn and make significant long-lasting progress.

We’re results driven so we require a minimum of 4 weeks to begin so that we have enough time to impact your dog’s behavior long-term. We will practice your dog’s new behaviors in a variety of environments and around a variety of people and animals so that you can confidently handle your dog in many places once this training program is complete.

We use positive training methods. This means the methods we use follow scientific learning theory principles of positive reinforcement and will never force your dog into doing something he or she doesn’t want to do. Training should be fun and build confidence for all parties involved!


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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

While no trainer can ethically put a guarantee on your dog’s behavior no matter the circumstance for the rest of his or her life, we do offer a satisfaction guarantee! We’re confident you’ll love this program and our customer service. Let us know if you experience something less than satisfactory and we’ll make it right.


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