dog training philosophyOur dog training philosophy is based on research performed by scientists such as Pavlov and B.F. Skinner. Dog training should address the goals you have while creating a healthy and happy learning environment for everyone – including the dog. We get results with the skilled application of positive reinforcement training techniques.

Why “All Positive”?

By “all positive” we mean that we only use the most dog-friendly training techniques. Positive reinforcement training is proven to leave longer lasting results and creates more stable dogs. It is the most humane way of training animals. Training based in punishment and corrections is not recommended by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, see their position statement here: AVSAB Position Statement

All Positive Dog Training is about being a proactive trainer and leader. These are 5 things that describe this approach to dog training:

  1. I say “yes” way more often than “no.”
  2. I change the environment to allow the dog to make good choices.
  3. I reward generously for good choices.
  4. I teach the dog that the world is safe, fun, and doesn’t have to be stressful to prevent or eliminate aggression.
  5. I create happy, well-balanced, problem-solving dogs that can make good choices in the modern world.

Our Dog Training Philosophy Means Life-Long Dog Training Solutions

When you receive dog training services through All Positive Dog Training, your family is in the most caring, skilled, and dedicated hands. Your dog will receive training that will last their entire life and create a relationship you thought you could only dream about.

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