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Want to make sure your puppy grows up to have superhero confidence? Don’t wait!

Shaping The Perfect Puppy

What you teach your puppy now will make them into the dog you’ll have for the next 10-12 years. That’s a big responsibility, isn’t it?

Waiting to get your puppy some training until he’s older could be detrimental to his development. Lack of training and socialization could create a fearful or anxious dog you’ll have to manage the rest of his life or possibly even rehome.

This Private Puppy Training Program is designed to get your puppy started off on the right paw. Let us help you make sure your puppy grows up to be the perfect dog for your family.

Private Puppy Training Program

Serving Western New York including Lockport, Lewiston, Amherst, East Amherst, and Gasport.

This 6-week program will accelerate your puppy’s potty training, obedience, and socialization. You’ll gain the confidence you need to train your puppy for the rest of his life with our proven, positive reinforcement-based dog training techniques. We take the stress and confusion out of raising a new puppy!

In this Puppy Training Program, we’ll:

  • Begin potty training & crate training
  • Teach sit, down, come when called, place, leave it, drop it, wait, polite leash walking
  • Socialize your puppy with various environments, objects, and people
  • Conditioning to grooming and handling (including nail trims)

This program is focused on socializing puppies while teaching them basic obedience. Read the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior position statement on puppy socialization.

Our 6-Week Perfect Puppy Program | $900

1. We start with an in-your-home intake consultation to evaluate your family’s needs and goals for your puppy. We’ll provide a plan and set expectations from the beginning.

2. Following the intake consultation, we’ll visit and work with you and your puppy several times during the following weeks to work on basic obedience training as well as socialization. During some of these lessons, we’ll do some puppy field trips to new environments together to provide appropriate socialization with other places, people, and safe exposure to other animals.

3. We’ll regularly reconvene for a 1-hour private lesson for the whole family to join and catch up on the puppy’s progress.

4. During our last private family lesson, we’ll discuss how your puppy did, demonstrate his new skills, and provide recommendations for maintaining his or her training throughout the rest of his or her life.


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  • You get to keep your puppy at home during the entire training program! (“Bootcamps” are no fun!)
  • We’ll record parts of our training lessons so you can review what was taught and keep them as keep sakes to look back on when your puppy grows up.
  • We’ll provide critical handouts so you can better understand the training process.
  • We come to your home for your convenience and so we can address challenges you’re facing at home. (We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach.)
  • You’ll receive a complimentary training pouch, leash, clicker, and harness.
  • You’ll receive email or phone support each week. (We know puppy raising can have its ups and downs and want to be there for you!)
  • Training is prioritized based on what your dog will need to know based on your current and future lifestyle.
  • Be confident your puppy is working with a friendly, capable, force-free dog trainer.
  • You’ll learn how to use positive dog training that’s proven to work and will create a powerful bond between you and your new puppy.


  • Must begin program while under 4 months old
  • At least 2 rounds of shots

Want to make sure your puppy grows up to have superhero confidence? Don’t wait!


Talk to the Dog Trainer

Request a Complimentary Initial Phone Evaluation

To get started, please schedule an appointment here.


Our Satisfaction Guarantee

While no trainer can ethically put a guarantee on your dog’s behavior no matter the circumstance for the rest of his or her life, we do offer a satisfaction guarantee! We’re confident you’ll love this program and our customer service. Let us know if you experience something less than satisfactory and we’ll make it right.


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